Kitty Shi, BMC ’25

Empowering Communities

Semester: Spring 2023

Praxis Course: POLS 420 Praxis Fieldwork Seminar: Politics, Policy, and Power

Faculty Advisor: Marissa Golden

Field Site: Global Philadelphia Association (GPA)

Field Supervisor: Sylta Cubranich

Praxis Poster:

Final_Kitty Shi_POLSPoster


Further Context:

The Global Philadelphia Association (GPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting Philadelphia as a global city by connecting its residents, businesses, and institutions to the world. The organization works towards increasing Philadelphia’s global engagement through various programs, such as international networking events, educational
initiatives, and cultural exchanges.

During my internship at GPA, I managed the organization’s official Instagram account, posted events on the website, attended and assisted in setting up GPA events, and contributed to the 2023 Annual Impact Report. I also wrote several articles on topics such as sustainable development goals (SDGs), world heritage preservation, and event news.

This internship allowed me to develop vital skills, such as communication and collaboration with team members in a hybrid work environment. Additionally, I gained a deeper understanding of how non-governmental organizations (NGOs) operate and how to organize NGO-led events. I also learned how to filter essential information in my writing and enhance
my networking skills by attending social events.