Lucy Frank, BMC ’25

Curatorial Methods Internship at Public Trust

Semester: Spring 2024

Praxis Course: HART B420 Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar

Faculty Advisor: Matthew Feliz

Field Site: Public Trust

Field Supervisor: Aaron Levy

Praxis Poster: 

Lucy Frank_Poster_Final_S24


Further Context:

My internship at Public Trust, an arts organization situated on the University of Pennsylvania, has been a journey of exploration, learning, and meaningful contributions. There I worked closely with Aaron Levy, its director and a professor at UPenn on a variety of projects. During my time there, I learned the ins and outs of a non profit arts organization and community engagement center, and the vital role these play in shaping our collective future. Public Trust’s ethos revolves around pushing boundaries and challenging perceptions. With a focus on creative approaches to health, education, and ecology, the organization underscores the belief that public
trust can only be rejuvenated through a commitment to these foundational concerns. Through innovative exhibitions and dynamic public programming, Public Trust creates spaces for dialogue and reflection regarding political and social issues.

My time at Public Trust not only broadened my skillset but also enriched my
understanding of the intersection between art and societal issues. I worked on a plethora of projects such as conducting research for a permanent exhibition engaging the archives, editing curatorial language for the exhibition, developing several procedures and protocols (e.g.
memorandums of understandings) to support upcoming programs and partnerships, and contributing to grant application brainstorming. Most importantly, I familiarized myself with their twenty-year archives and conducted relevant research about contemporary artists working on issues concerning public trust. Crafting memorandums of understanding and brainstorming grant applications highlighted the importance of strategic planning and collaboration in driving impactful initiatives forward. However, it was my engagement with Public Trust’s extensive archives and research on contemporary artists that truly resonated with me as an artist myself. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to take Bryn Mawr’s Praxis Program. My internship experience has equipped me with invaluable skills and insights, reaffirming my belief in the transformative power of art, and preparing me to enter the art world post-grad.