Alloyah Abobi, Lidia Garcia, and Marianela Luna-Torrado, BMC ’24

Advancing Racial Justice (Praxis II)

Transformative Justice Through Youth Empowerment

Semester: Fall 2022

Course Instructor: Darlyne Bailey

Field Site: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Field Supervisor: Bree Davison

Praxis Poster:



Further Context and Reflection (Marianela Luna-Torrado):


Further Context and Reflection (Lidia Garcia):

This is the first class in my two years at Bryn Mawr College that made me feel welcome on the very first day even before stepping into the class. I felt a sense of curiosity when I read the course description because it was nothing like any other class. The readings and the conversations that we had in this course helped me navigate my fieldwork at Neighbors Helping
Neighbors and my classes at Bryn Mawr College. I learned about the importance of establishing a space where people can open up and be curious in order to ensure that they feel welcomed. The working environment Neighbors Helping Neighbors community in the Main Line was
welcoming and supportive, and I was able to learn how to compile relevant research for the organization. I feel motivated and inspired to continue working with my community.


Further Context and Reflection (Alloyah Abobi):

My name is Alloyah Abobi, I am a currently a second semester junior pursuing an independent major in Health, Culture, and Society. My goals in taking the praxis course titled “Advancing Racial Justice” was to have a guide that highlights how to effectively contribute to modes of
advocacy and change. Considering that my major encompasses elements of health studies, cross culture analysis, and sociology, I was grateful to have experience in and outside of the classroom, which ultimately further contributed to my interest and provoked immense growth.