Cavan Helmering, BMC ’25

Applied Health Economics: Market Economics Internship at Navvis Healthcare

Semester: Spring 2024

Faculty Advisor: June Kim

Field Site: Navvis Healthcare

Field Supervisor: Dan Bateman

Praxis Poster: 

Cavan Helmering_Poster_Final_S24


Further Context:

This Praxis course at Navvis Healthcare was the continuation of an internship from the summer of 2023 that continued into the 2023-2024 school year. At Navvis, I was on the Market Economics team. My internship started with an incredible amount of learning, as healthcare is a vast market with so many ins and outs. The team I am on completed a new set of financial models for a client partner last summer, and a big part of that was contact discernment. I went from never having looked at a contract to being able to explain its terms, or at least those that tied somewhat to economics.

[…] this has been a fantastic internship experience. Dan Bateman, my supervisor, made sure that I was learning as much as possible and I owe so much of my learning to my one to one calls with him. Turning this into a Praxis allowed me to have the time and space to dive deeper into concepts of healthcare that I was interested in and see real time changes to a system
that is constantly regarded as broken. I could not have completed this Praxis course without the help of Tiffany Stahl and June Kim, my faculty advisor. A huge thank you to Dan, Tiffany, and June who have all been wonderful throughout this process and I would not have been able to learn so much without their constant support.