Charlotte Yuan, BMC ’24

Public Policy: Economic and Health Policies

Semester: Spring 2024

Faculty Advisor: Seung-Youn Oh

Field Site: The Institute for Public Policy and Economic Development

Field Supervisor: Jill Avery-Stoss

Praxis Poster: 

Charlotte Yuan_Poster_FinalS24


Further Context:

In this Independent Study Course, I developed a curriculum seeking to deepen my understanding of economic and health policies at the regional level. To prepare for my graduate school of public policy in fall 2024, I applied to the Research Intern position at the Institute for Public Policy and Economic Development, hoping to understand public policy in a professional context and think about how real-world policymaking differs from theoretical framework. The Institute is a research organization that provides customized client solutions and strategies to facilitate decision-making that enhances growth, impact, and sustainability in Pennsylvania.

Throughout the internship, I completed four different assignments, enhancing my quantitative data analysis, communication, and problem-solving skills. One of my favorite projects is writing a white paper on Baby Bonds, which are publicly funded trust accounts for children of low-income households. This allowed me to learn about how this policy can have a positive impact on children in Pennsylvania by reducing the racial wealth gap, while recognizing potential challenges of passing the legislation, such as the amount of funding it requires. In the white paper, I provided a comprehensive report on the benefits of Baby Bonds and suggested recommendations for policymakers to overcome potential challenges. These experiences help me to connect the readings on public policy and the real-world impact, bridging the gap between theory and practice.