Hilda Delgado, HC ’23

Curatorial Research at Monument Lab

Semester: Spring 2023

Praxis Course: HART 420 Museum Studies Fieldwork Seminar

Faculty Advisors: Matthew Feliz &  Monique Scott

Field Site: Monument Lab

Field Supervisor: Aubree Penney

Praxis Poster:



Further Context:

At Monument Lab I was able to learn a myriad of skills that I think will be very helpful in my future endeavors. My work primarily consisted of conducting curatorial research. I contributed to their curatorial pipeline which facilitates further research of artists for the rest of the Monument Lab team. I also had the opportunity to do research on Contemporary Latinx artists. This was really fun to do because my interest lies in Latinx art, so it was informative as I was able to learn about new artists and delve deeper into artists that I wanted to learn even more about!

It was really interesting to see how a non profit engaged with art, monuments, and history. Through my work with Monument Lab I learned about artists doing work to rethink and reconstruct how we view history and how monuments intersect to achieve this. At the end of my internship with Monument Lab I gave a presentation on a few artists I had found that I thought would make a good fit for Monument Lab projects in the future. This is where I feel like I learned the most about Monument Lab’s mission because I had to select artists whose work aligned with Monument Lab’s work. In my research I found a lot of artists whose work engaged with the public and it revealed to me the importance of community and collaborative work to move towards the larger goal of equity and rethinking monuments.